Word up.

December 29, 2006

Pick a word, but not just any word…
CLARITY. HARVEST. COURAGE. GENIUS. PASSION. BALANCE. JACKPOT.  We adore words. We love the layers, the history, the power of them. In the right combination, with certain intent, words are a magic formula. (like say, a Style Statement…)

Every New Year we choose words as the theme or experience we want for that year. Last year, Danielle’s word was Communion. Carrie’s was Consistency. We threw in some extra words like, Ease and Simplicity just to juice up the potential.

THIS NEW WEEK: choose your words for the year – one or two audio gems to plug into your heart as an added bass beat. Take your time. Meditate or doodle. Sometimes you need to claim your word like a brass ring of promise, other times it will float into your mind and feel just right when it gets there.

Every word is a song unto itself. Let it move your groove forward.


11 Responses to “Word up.”

  1. […] natural selections Carrie & Danielle have again got me thinking – this time about choosing one or two words to represent me for the next year.  They suggest, and rightly so, that this is something to be pondered, left to stew and, when it arrives, a good fit. […]

  2. angela Says:

    the inspiration you wonderful girls give.

    reading friday’s focus has left me instinctively playing many words in my mind.

    lightness. gratitude. clarity. beauty. elegance. femininity. abundance. passion. love. wealth. respect. courage. discover. decision. determination. faith. belief. wisdom. radiance. honesty.

    but the promises of the new year and all her hopes and wishes, needs a dedication of words to be engraved on the heart.

    thank you for the inspiration you ladies are!


  3. Patricia Says:

    Thinking of words was both fun and insightful as the list I ended up with had several words that pointed in the same direction – my subconscious coming out about what I want next year to be all about. So far my main word in ‘purposeful’ as there is a lot I want to achieve and as I tend to get easily distracted this word will help keep me on track. It already feels good and i am sure it is having an effect on my actions.

    I am working on my second word, I want one that encompasses the values I want to express in my ‘purposefulness’. I think I need a couple of days to let this one simmer but i would love to get this right before the new year – what a great start!

    Thanks C and D for suggesting this wonderful alternative to resolutions and for helping me understand the power of words!

  4. Jenn Says:

    as requested:


    Very directional, for me, and they’ll make for a great touchstone throughout the year. Thanks for this prompt!

  5. Lindsey - Tailored Flow Says:

    Here are my words: two and a half. Funny words, at first glance. They seem a bit cold, not quite what the Friday Focus called for. But they’re my this year focus. Carrie told me once that someone close to her believes you can do two and a half things well. I’ve been trying to do about five things well, and, well, I can’t. So this year I’m sticking to two and a half: my dream job (one), once I get it, teaching yoga (two), and working on my novel (and a half). I’ll remind myself of these words, my new mantra, when I get frustrated with myself for not being the “perfect” friend, daughter or sister. Two and a half.

  6. I had to chuckle at the previous comment because when I read the words “Two and a half” I thought of my daughter’s age! That SHOULD be my words too…I like the idea behind Lindsey’s words.

    My words for 2007:


    To me it is consistency, focus, determination, direction balance, and all that I ever hope I can be.

  7. Patricia Says:

    So, I now have my second word(see earlier post) – the first is ‘purpose’, reminding me that everything I do and think should have a purpose and be necessary – stop me wasting time on stuff I don’t need to do – the second took some time to appear but I have decided on ‘profit’ – as in being of some use or advantage to somebody- this both sets up the ethics of the business I want to create and provides me with a reason for creating it.

    For those of you struggling with finding your ‘words’ I say enjoy the process and let it take you where you need to go.
    ( I have suggested this activitiy to many friends and will be looking for a bracelet with a ‘P” attached ( Purpose/Profit) to remind me of my words).

    Happy New Year


  8. My word? It’s going to be my anchor for a whole year so it had better be a good one.

    I have been resisting this. I don’t want to commit to a certain word for a whole year unless I know it’s absolutely perfect.

    Yesterday, I had tea with an old friend who was happy to discuss the Word Up conundrum. I kept repeating that I found it hard to make a commitment in case I find something better. What if I’m wrong? At first my word was “Nurture” but that didn’t seem powerful enough. So I went for “Passion” but that seemed too stressful. Okay, “Tolerance” – meh, too passive. Alright I’ve got it – “Grace”. No wait.

    Why won’t I just commit? As I blabbered on, it occurred to me while watching my friend’s gentle and knowing smile, that I do this with everything. I paralyze myself with analysis. She said, “I think you’ve got your word.”

    And so, as the starter gun goes off for 2007 I will take off running with my banner flowing, “COMMITMENT”.

    Until I think of something better.

  9. Tina K Says:

    I was a little like Karryn in trying to decide on my word(s). I kept coming up with words that fit but didn’t feel right. Push, Strength, Courage. They didn’t feel perfect enough to have with me for a whole year. It finally hit me last night. The two words I have been using for the last couple of months to push me through the rough spots and remind me of my grace, strength, and beauty. My words are “Lovely and Amazing” and I’m not sure I’ll ever change them.

  10. Margaret Says:

    My word for this year is bohemian.

    Since my divorce, I have struggled to define my unique style through all the stages of ‘ex’. I have gone through passion and compassion and verve. But bohemian is the word that has risen to the surface of my being.

    According to the dictionary – in modern usage, the term “bohemian” describes any person who lives an unconventional artistic life, where self-expression is the highest value — that art (acting, poetry, writing, singing, dancing, painting etc) is a serious and main focus of their life.

    Yes, that’s what I want this year – self expression.

    Thanks for allowing this passionate thought and desire to manifest itself.

  11. Michelle - Traditional Feminine Says:

    Savouring is my word for this new year, 2007. In November 2004 I met my husband. Within 13 months of meeting, we fell in love, announced our engagement, got married, honeymooned in Europe, made a baby in Rome, and I turned 39. ‘Twas a glorious whirlwind. I am now a first time mama to a precious little girl. She’s 4 months old and I remind myself all the time to be here now, to relish, to savour. I’ve spent a lifetime yearning for what is now here. Thanks be to God.

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